Saturday, August 19, 2000

August 19, 2000, See Me, Feel Me - Lucid Dream

I dream that I am in my bedroom in the house where I grew up. There are pictures on the walls of the outside of the house with Doonesbury characters pasted on them. The characters are talking to each other. They are saying to each other, "See me. Feel me." I realize that this is a dream, so I push myself off of the floor and float in the air. I continue to look at the images. I rise up to the ceiling and lay upon it as if it were a bed. I close my eyes and imagine that I am laying on the floor, so that I can stay focused. I become aware that there is a woman in the room. I float down to the floor and walk over to her. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I remember this is a dream. I can do whatever I want with her. I kiss her and embrace her lovingly. I send her love energy - receptive loving energy from my belly into her body so that she will love me and desire me. She does. She embraces me lovingly. My penis becomes erect. I am now aware of my physical body.

I ask her who she is. She gives me different women's names. She tells me she can be any woman I want. She can split herself into the triple goddess or even one goddess with three yonis. She can split herself into a hundred women if I desire. She is my dream guide, my love guide, my muse. She is my teacher, she empowers me, she heals me. As we are embracing each other, I feel warm inside, safe, loved, and at peace. We unbutton each other's shirts. I reach into her shirt and rub her large firm breasts. We rub our chests together. I reach under her skirt and rub her hot, juicy vulva. She wants me, she desires me. She lifts her skirt and showers light and love juice onto my love wand from her yoni. I open her love gate with my love key. I feel so empowered and energized and warm and relaxed and peaceful. Although my mind is now awake and I can feel the sensations of my awake body, my body has not moved, my erection has subsided and I feel tingling in my hands and waves of kundalini energy rush through my body at times. I am in bliss.