Monday, October 30, 2000

October 30, 2000, The Merpeople

I dream I am in the basement of a building with other people. A group of beings are there in a pile on the floor. They are naked. Their skin is translucent, the veins show through. They have webbing between their toes and fingers. They have no hair. They are merpeople, people who live under the water. I wonder if they live beneath the oceans of the earth or if they are from another planet. They have a mission on the earth. They need to travel among people in order to accomplish their goal. I do not know what their goal is, but I sense that it is good. A person there with me suggests that they wear street clothes so that they will fit in. I say that is an excellent idea. So we get them clothes and dress them. One of them, a woman with no hair, embraces me and tells me, "You are Messenger, Ma-Singah, Mercury. You are Unutilized Potential." She asks me to get down low and dance. I comply.

Then I am dancing and playing with another adult and two children. We are all naked. We collapse on the floor in exhaustion. I lay flat on my back. A naked woman comes from behind me and lays diagonally across me, chest to chest. She is beautiful, slim, full-breasted, with dark brown hair. She whispers in my ear, "I really enjoyed the dance class last night." She is happy to be with me, to be close to me, to share her thoughts and feelings with me. She smiles. I hold her close. My penis stands up to honor her with admiration, appreciation, and desire. We are magnetic. We are in bliss.

Friday, October 27, 2000

October 27, 2000, Armana

I dream I am walking into the kitchen of the apartment I live in. Then in walks a beautiful bronze-skinned woman wearing only long pants, like bluejeans. I recall that I have two new roommates and that one of them is named Deborah. I ask her if her name is Deborah. She says, "No, my name is Armana." She seems shy. She does not make eye contact with me but busies herself going to the cupboard for something and bringing it to the table to prepare. She is facing to my left and down at the table. Her shoulders are somewhat hunched over. She seems guarded and bewildered. I tell her my name to reassure her of our equal vulnerability. She asks me what is the meaning of the name. I say, "My name?" She responds, "No, my name." I am becoming as puzzled as she is. She is asking me to tell her the meaning of her own name. Her long brown hair is held up casually, perhaps with a barrette. I feel delighted and intrigued and amazed and bewildered to live with such a beautiful woman. She has a silver mark between her eyes on her nose and forehead, such as a Hindu might have.