Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28, 2008, Flying on Wings of Joy

I set a dream intention to have a lucid dream, to meet my spirit guide, Doe Eyes, and ask her what my skin is telling me by itching so.

I dream I am giving my female friend a ride on my bicycle. The tires are inflated unevenly so the bicycle rides with difficulty. We stop for a rest. I go into the basement. She leans against the foundation of the building near the cellar window. I go to the cellar window and talk with her from inside the basement. I tell her I am having trouble remembering where we went and what we bought at the store during our errands. She says she is having trouble remembering too.

Then I realize that we are dreaming! I realize that I can fly! I float up to the basement ceiling and lay there on the beams. Then I fly out the window and in through the closed window into my childhood bedroom. I pass through the glass easily without breaking it. I fly to the wall and push off one wall, then another, then another, then the ceiling, then the floor. After I have bounced off of the walls for a while, I fly out through the closed window again and then in through the closed window of the living room. I swing on the chandelier, around and around, again and again. I am having so much fun, I wear myself out from exhaustion, my heart is beating rapidly. I wake up.

Having had a lucid dream, I reset my intention to meet my spirit guide, Doe Eyes, and ask her why I have itching skin. I drift into a trance...

I am in a teepee, laying beside a blazing fire. Sparks fly into the air. I hear the sound of drumming and a song being sung by a shaman outside the tent. A native North American woman is with me. I have summoned her. I call her Doe Eyes and Doe Heart and Princess Spirit. She is my spirit guide. I ask her what her name is. She replies, "My name is not important." I ask her the cause of itching skin. She replies, "You suffer greatly. You are attached to your suffering. Let go of your suffering. Follow the spirit way. Walk lightly with joy in your heart. Let your spirit soar like the birds. You are a turtledove. Do not be like the turtle, hiding in your shell. Be like the dove, flying through the air. Do not worry about the future. The future will take care of itself. Fly on wings of joy! Walk the spirit path. Put one foot in front of the other with confidence. The path will be there to support you when you walk. The air will be there to support you when you fly. Others are there to help you on your path. Trust them to lead you through the darkness safely. This is the spirit way."

Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12, 2008, Buffy the Nurturer

I dream I am at Quaker meeting. It is a small meeting, not more than ten people. The meeting room is very large with a hardwood floor. We are all sitting on the bare floor. There are two piles of burned wood in the center of the circle, like burned out camp fires.

I am cuddling an attractive young woman. She is sitting on my lap. We spin around on the floor to face into the middle of the circle and slide into the arc of the circle. I raise my arms, with my left arm around her head, and clasp my hands above our heads. I feel very happy and comfortable, safe, and secure, full of love and affection for her. It feels mutual.

The man leading the meeting on the other side of the circle is very uncomfortable and literally climbs the wall, like a spider (like Spider Man). He feels frustrated. He has all of the responsibility of leading the meetings without receiving the love and appreciation that he needs.

The woman I am cuddling is wearing a backless blouse. I rub her all over her warm, smooth, tanned back. It feels good. Her blouse front has straps that tie at the neck. I tie the straps at the back of her neck, but she tells me not to, so I untie them for her. I ask her why she does not want her straps tied. She tells me she is like Buffy. I ask, "Do you mean Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" She says, "No." I ask her, "Do you mean Buffy Sainte-Marie? She responds, "Who is Buffy Sainte-Marie?" I am puzzled by her answering my question with another question.

As I write this, I recall that Buffy Sainte-Marie breast-fed her baby on Sesame Street. The woman I am cuddling with obviously represents the nurturing that I need in my life. Buffy Sainte-Marie is a Native American folk singer that I greatly admire. She inspires me. She nurtured my creativity and imagination as a young man. She is one of the many muses I have had in my life.

Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1, 2008, The Dream Game

I dream I am riding bicycles with a female friend of mine. She rides her bicycle first. I follow her on my bicycle. When she reaches a corner she is about to turn left, but there are people blocking the way, so she turns right. As we coast down a hill I pass her and start peddling up a steep hill. I see ahead of me a dark gray cloud up in the sky. Wisps of dark cloud come down in a vertical line, swirling and mixing with leaves from the ground. I realize it is a tornado forming, so we turn around and go another way. We bicycle down to the water, a pond or a bay. Over the water we can see several tornadoes forming and coming our way. We look for a place to lay on the ground to protect ourselves from the tornadoes. We do not find a suitable spot so we go into a school building. I meet a male friend of mine, who tells me he was lifted up off the ground one or two feet by a tornado. He says it was fun. He then shows me a small box with a clear plastic window revealing several DVD ROM disks. The one on the top has a picture of the Pope wearing white getting into a white car. I think it is a Catholic video, but the title reads "Dreams." My friend says he thinks I will be interested in playing this computer dream game.