Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1, 2008, The Dream Game

I dream I am riding bicycles with a female friend of mine. She rides her bicycle first. I follow her on my bicycle. When she reaches a corner she is about to turn left, but there are people blocking the way, so she turns right. As we coast down a hill I pass her and start peddling up a steep hill. I see ahead of me a dark gray cloud up in the sky. Wisps of dark cloud come down in a vertical line, swirling and mixing with leaves from the ground. I realize it is a tornado forming, so we turn around and go another way. We bicycle down to the water, a pond or a bay. Over the water we can see several tornadoes forming and coming our way. We look for a place to lay on the ground to protect ourselves from the tornadoes. We do not find a suitable spot so we go into a school building. I meet a male friend of mine, who tells me he was lifted up off the ground one or two feet by a tornado. He says it was fun. He then shows me a small box with a clear plastic window revealing several DVD ROM disks. The one on the top has a picture of the Pope wearing white getting into a white car. I think it is a Catholic video, but the title reads "Dreams." My friend says he thinks I will be interested in playing this computer dream game.

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