Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20, 2008, The Bird Headed Goddess

I dream I meet the Bird Headed Goddess woman with a multi-colored face. She is with her daughter, the Angel Gabriel. They both can change back and forth between a normal human body and their celestial form. I go in search of the Mother Goddess form and accidentally go to her celestial home at Rain Mountain. The blue-paper flames tell me I have arrived at Rain Mountain and ask me what I want to see the Goddess about. I leave Rain Mountain because I am afraid to face the Goddess in her celestial form.

After I wake up I decide I should re-enter the dream to ask the Bird Headed Goddess what my next career step should be. I enter into a trance state and return to Rain Mountain. I meet the Goddess with many colors on her face in her human form. She is smiling at me. I am happy.

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