Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26, 2008 (one day before my birthday), The Demon Master

I dream I am in a giant amphitheater, with bleachers or benches, on the side of a hill or incline. Standing with me is a big bald-headed man. He has many pins piercing his lips, like 20 pins. On each pin is a shiny gold metallic demon. The demon pins look like pterodactyls or bats. He is the Demon Master. He is invoking demons in a ritual. The demons appear on the stage below us. I feel very uncomfortable, very upset, very disturbed. I tell the Demon Master, "I don't belong here. I want to leave." And so, I leave. He does not stop me. I do not feel afraid of the demons but I feel there is something not right about summoning them. The amphitheater reminds me of Hell and the Demon Master reminds me of Satan. After I awake I wonder if the Demon Master is actually my ally, protecting me from my own demons, my dark side, that by summoning the demons I may actually examine them and learn from them.

Friday, July 25, 2008

July 25, 2008 (two days before my birthday), The Yule King

I dream I am with a man who is taken underground by nature spirits, into the realm of the dead. I go with him to give him support and to bring him back to the surface and back to life. Under the earth we are in limbo between life and death. We are standing between a wall and a precipice, like a cliff. The wall is textured like stucco. Beyond the edge of the precipice is endless space filled with golden glowing fog. It feels warm and loving - it is heaven - it is love energy.

We pass through the stucco wall into a small room. We are sitting on wooden chairs facing a wooden desk. Behind the desk is God. He is a kind and loving old man. He is Father Christmas, the Yule King, the Holly King. We make our case to God for why my friend should remain alive. God grants my friend permission to continue living in the material world. We return to the surface of the earth. After I awake I realize I am not afraid of death, and yet I also feel that I have a mission on earth to complete before my life is finished.